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Helga assistant


Voice assistant for your manufacturing operations.



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what is ‘helga’?

An intuitive voice interface for hand built manufacturing environments. It will  eliminate that wasteful time of operators logging information and stopping the job.

Voice Assistant

Personalised system which is operated through voice. A keyboard and mouse isn’t needed.

Secure Network

Keep the data within your walls by trying your own speech recognition. Just turn the device off when you want to stop recording.

Personalised Interface

The same architecture but to suit your needs. Adaptable to your demands.

Business Strategy

Store cleansed data in a secure way. Use this for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Web Design

Request services immediately and carry on manufacturing. Engineering and design can be requested by the touch of a button.


Save cost in the business by eliminating wasteful tasks.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

With Helga, you can align your bespoke manufacturing operations to Industry 4.0. This prepares structured data for new approaches such as Artificial Intelligence.

pounds saved

business units

Add ons


Helga Starter Package

Bespoke manufacturing operations is about building the product, so why have wasteful data logging processes which stop the operation?  

The Helga voice assistant is designed to keep hands on the job and take notes through the operators voice. Using this method, you can collect the vital data for manufacturing without stopping the operation. 

Helga base package comes with the full support to transform paper logbooks into a digital domain. The system will also support the connection of other databases such as SAP, Teamcenter and Salesforce.

Live Data Analytics
Use the Helga system to collect live information from your manufacturing to improve day by day.
Resource Allocation
Helga can connect to your time administration systems so you can analyse each operation right down to the key facts. This is a useful add-on to identify user specific data so support is offered at every step.
Auto Tolerance Checker
Connect Helga to your systems and the assistant can automatically check tolerances before the manufacturing goes further.
Dynamic Tooling Assistant
Use a lot of tools for the job? Helga can manage these tools with a wireless barcode scanner to ensure the tools are available and good for the job.

Why we are different

A Hard Working Team with a diverse range of skills from data science to sales management. We understand the customers demands and deliver immediate benefits.

Lincup is a 8 man start-up with a lot of drive to succeed. 

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Our Skills

Skills to get a project from idea to implementation.


Artificial Intelligence




Customer Service

the team
Meet LincUp! All from Lincoln and ready to develop.
Bringing the team together to meet deadlines and deliver the benefits. Master in Mechanical Engineering with a strong commercial experience. Ross Wilkins

Team Lead, LincUp

Utilising intelligent algorithms to predict new results. Strong Engineering background with many years of technical development. Tom Batkin

AI Lead, LincUp

Understand the customer requirements in full depth for a quick and easy implementation. Background in IT services with many years experience. Slater Stewart-Turner

Hardware Interface, LincUp

Simple User Interfaces go a long way which is why Elliot is the best. With a robust degree in computer science – No UI is too difficult Elliot Kemp

UI Lead, LincUp

Ensuring the product meets the customer demands. Bachelor in Engineering paired with many tech awards such as the Siemens Sir Williams Engineer 2014. Jan van der Lubbe

Tech Lead, LincUp

Connecting the technology to the customers and how Helga will support you. Track record of sales experience with the top customer service. Sophia Sedighi

Sales Manager, LincUp

Structure and organise the system architecture for Helga to work as smoothly as possible. Years of experience in data engineering on multi-million pound projects. Jason McGinty

Data Manager, LincUp

Competition is always-on so there is always an opportunity to be better. In-depth technical understanding with customer service. Bright Uduji

Strategy Lead, LincUp

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